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But, What Do I wear?

Updated: May 4, 2022

1. A shirt that is comfortable!

Comfort is essential when Axe Throwing or hitting up our Rage Rooms! The activities at Smash Labs Rage Rooms & Axe Throwing require a wide range of movement, and you don't want to blame that missed target on a constricting shirt!

2. Bottoms

You can pretty much wear whatever your heart desires when it comes to bottoms. Pants, shorts, jorts, shants, even skirts and dresses are totally fine (maybe you are sporting you new kilt this summer?) Just remember to make sure you are comfortable moving around in them.

3. Shoes

Closed toed shoes are a must! Our number one concern is your safety and we want to make sure that you leave our facility with the same number limbs and appendages as you had when you entered! Splinters and ricochets do happen so make sure you come prepared.

4. Hairstyles

It is best to keep that mane tamed! Long hair or head coverings can impede your ability to lift, throw, and smash to hearts content, so tie it back, take it off (the hat that is) and start destroying the competition!


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