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Everything you need to know about Rage Rooms

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

With Rage Rooms being a relatively new activity it would not be surprising if this is the first you are hearing about them. Below you will find everything you will need know to be the one recommending it others next time everyone is wondering what fun things there are to do here in St. George!

What is a Rage Room?

Rage Rooms are simply rooms built specifically for you to come in and break, smash, and annihilate items of your choosing. Also known as anger rooms or smash rooms, rage rooms help to relief stress and vent rage by destroying everyday (usually household) objects. And the best part is that we do all the tidying up for you so you get to the enjoy the smash therapy without any of the stress of clean up!

Safely smash a large variety of items big and small to your hearts content! It really is all the rage!

Are they Safe?

Absolutely! Safety is our main priority. We provide full protective gear including helmets, face shield, gloves, and full body jump suits to keep you and your loved ones free from danger!

What is the point?

We call it smash therapy. As children most of us loved to run around, commit chaos, play hard, and push it to the limit. But as we grow up society tells us that that is not the way. Luckily we no longer have to listen! You can now summon your inner child and thrive in the chaos once again. And since there are no age limits at Smash Labs Rage Rooms & Axe Throwing, your children can take those impulses out on our TV's rather than yours!

Do I need to bring anything?

Just Yourself! We provide all the protective gear, the tools to you will use to smash with, and the objects you will be smashing. Smash Labs does offer the option to bring in your own smashables for a fee but we are fully equipped with everything you need to start to rage!

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