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Washington County Fair in Southern Utah!

If you came out you saw us throwing axes with mimes, dodging flying tents, and trying to make the best of a crazy windy day! To those of you who threw axes with us or asked about our rage rooms we really appreciate you making it out!

This years (2022) Washington County fair started out a little differently for us. Back in January we submitted our vendor application to take out our mobile Axe Throwing and Car SMASH. We got an email in February saying that we had been approved and it was a $300 something dollar fee. So once paid we waited and waited for location info.

As The dates for the county fair drew closer, we were getting excited for all the fun. We had arranged for a car to be donated, banners printed and fun to be had. After a few emails and a few phone calls, we finally got a call from the fair directors’ assistant. He was asking about our space requirements. We told him we were excited and would be bringing our mobile axe throwing and car SMASH. He said they were limited on space, and we would not be able to bring the SMASH car. We were bummed but…what do ya do.

On Wednesday April 20th we got our axe throwing trailer ready and headed out to set up. Once there, we were shown our location and started to set up. Not the greatest spot in terms of people walking by but, we were happy to have a nice flat spot. Once we got all set up we waited to get started. Instead of people showing up and throwing axes with us, the weather showed up.

Mother nature brought out all the wind. With wind gusts of 50 mph, we were busy just holding down the fort, literally. We secured all our tents and belongings and called it a night.

Thursday wasn’t any better. It seemed about twice as windy but at least it was still a decent temperature. Attendance at the fair was still low but seemed to be picking up. The WIND…the wind blew ALL day long and then some. We left our pop up down in the lowered position and set up some wind blockage. We had our fair share of axe throwers but nothing like last year.

Next came Friday and with it the cold and rain. While it wasn’t as windy, it was COLD and wet. The plus side was, we got our full booth set up and with the wind and rain blocked out our little shelter was nice but still cold. We decided to go and buy a propane patio heater and bring out the space heater. The rain finally stopped around 7:00pm but fair attendance was still super low, but we were going to make the best of it. With our heating devices and extra clothing, we hung out and had some fun. Made new friends and threw axes.

Saturday was the best day out of the four. With nice weather we were set to enjoy the day. With the better weather came better crowds. All in all we had a great time despite the weather and the less than optimal location. Be on the look out for our mobile unit and car smash at future events!

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