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Fun things to do in St. George, Utah!

Updated: Mar 27

If you are looking for something fun to do in St. George, your options are pretty much limitless if you are the outdoorsy type. We have everything from lakes to mountains, golf to beautiful city parks and not to mention our amazing proximity to some of the worlds most amazing natural wonders i.e., Zion National Park, The Grand Canyon, and even Bryce Canyon. These national parks draw in an incredible number of visitors each year. St. George is also home to some pretty amazing golf courses as well. You can play anything from a par 3 course to a nationally renowned 18-hole course. For a city in the freaking desert St. George sure has a lot to offer. Great weather year-round but watch out for the summer months it gets just about as hot as the surface of the sun.

During those summer months you might be looking for fun things to do inside. The St. George night life is still limited to one bar and a few pub type hangouts. But as far as food goes, we definitely don’t have a shortage of good restaurants. As far as indoor entertainment you’ve got Fiesta Fun, which is a pretty cool arcade and bowling ally that the younger kids will like, we have Laser Mania which has a cool little arcade and laser tag. But one of the coolest things to do when it comes to indoor entertainment is Smash Labs Rage Rooms and Axe Throwing®. Smash Labs has Rage Rooms and Axe Throwing if you couldn’t tell by the name. Rage rooms are the most fun you can have with your shoes on. In a rage room you get a decked out in safety gear like hard hat with face shield, coveralls, and gloves. Then you get to go into a room decorated with awesome local art, you’re given a 5-gallon bucket of glass or small electronics. Everything from glass bottles, plates, wine glasses, jars, toasters, keyboards, and more. The variety is so vast this blog could be full just listing the items. So, once you get into the room you are instructed on what you can SMASH. There are usually large items in the room also like dryers, file cabinets, or safes. Anywho, enough about what you get to smash what do you SMASH with? They have bats, pry bars, steel pipes, and even frying pans. Rage Rooms are probably the most cathartic thing on the planet. You come out of the room feeling like a million bucks. Like all that stress and frustration just got SMASHED to pieces.

If the Rage Room wasn’t enough, they also have Axe Throwing. Axe Throwing is pretty much taking over the country as the new group activity. It’s a lot like a cross over between darts, bowling, and lumber jacking (if that’s a word) Axe throwing allows you to challenge your friends or family to see who will survive the Zombie apocalypse longer. Smash Labs also offers the option (free of charge) to throw other items like Knives, Ninja Stars, Throwing cards, and little tiny kids axes. One thing that’s great about Smash Labs is they do not have a minimum age limit like most axe throwing places. So even the littlest in the family can participate in either activity.

You thought I was done mentioning fun things to do in St. George? Nope Smash Labs also offers paint splatter! This is a cool activity that gets you covered in washable paint. Don’t worry they give you a poncho and little booties to protect your clothes. But who cares its WASHABLE PAINT!! You also get a canvas to take in with you and paint a cool neon picture with the paint that splattered off your friend’s face.

So, in conclusion, if you’re looking for fun things to do in St. George, Utah you won’t find a more fun and exciting place than Smash Labs Rage Rooms and Axe Throwing®. I didn’t even get to mention the staff yet, Coolest group alive! So, if you find yourself in St. George go down and check this place out!

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